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Horse and Pony Vet Club -

- For Everyone who loves Horses

Do you want to increase your knowledge of      equine medical care?

Woul you like to understand more about equine veterinary medicine - applicable to YOU as the horse owner?

You CAN learn how to examine your horse in a similar fashion to an equine veterinarian!


Horse & Pony Vet Club (HPVC) is an education programme, written by our senior equine veterinarian, that takes a veterinary science based approach to learning about horse health & husbandry. 


We all have problems with our horses from time to time. Whether you are starting out or have experience with horses, HPVC is designed to increase the complexity of your equine medical knowledge.

Through your studies, you will be able to learn the veterinarians approach to daily horse examinations, monitoring horse health, treating basic injuries, general husbandry, safe horse handling & more!

Learning material is provided by correspondence. 

HPVC is available to everyone - wherever you live. We will send you Learning Topics whenever you want, study whenever & wherever, it suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need to own a horse? NO! However it will be best if you can at least access a horse to be able to undertake the practical components of the course.

How long is the course? Ten Topics will be available in the first offering of the course. More topics will be available in the future.

How old do you have to be?  All ages, kids & adults! 

What topics are studied?  Click Here.

How do I join & What does it Cost?  Click Here.

Who runs the course? Horse & Pony Vet Club Senior Equine Veterinarian Dr Joan Deetman from Perth, WA Australia. Dr Joan is a trusted equine vet who has a long, solid background in the equine industry. More information - Click Here.


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