Horse & Pony Vet Club Topics  

Our topics start with learning how to perform a physical exam on your horse - in exactly the same way as your vet would do!   All topics will have tasks to be done & are all topics have Multiple Choice Tests to complete so you can review your learning. 

From there we move into examining the horse for abnormal metabolic parameters, signs of illness & disease, managing wounds & a whole lot more!

Let's Get Started:

Topic One Learning Material is supplied with a quality folder, a stethoscope and thermometer.   You will be taught to use the equipment & the first topic starts with teaching you how to perform a physical exam on your horse.

Topic 1 - Physical Exam - What's normal?  

  • Learn how to perform a physical exam on your horse.                           
  • Learn how to use your equipment & use it to examine the horses' body.
  • Examine, heart, lungs, gut sounds, temperature eyes, limbs, etc - just the way a vet would!

Topic 2 Part I :Physical Exam - What's Abnormal?

  • Physical Examination II.   Learn how to recognise clinical signs on the animals body that are NOT normal. 
  • You will be given tasks to complete and advice on how to measure your horses metabolic profile at times when the normal parameters will have changed from normal. 
  • Hoof testers will be required.
  • Includes Veterinary Terms glossary    

Topic 2 Part II:  Wounds - How they heal & How to Heal them.       

  •  How wounds heal - from a cellular level to visual appearance.
  •  Treating wounds - lotions, potions & common sense.

Topic 3 Part I: First Aid

Practical tips and methods of first aid for a variety of situations. The veterinary background behind various situations will be discussed first to understand the pathology of some disease states.

Topic 3 Part II: Horse Handling I                                                                                         

  • Safe horse handling is essential for all horse people. Horses are NOT teddy bears, there are NO bombproof horses & they ALL must be treated with respect.

 More information on further topics still to come!


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